With a big race in Brooklyn and at concept  least one major entrant ditching the fossil-fueled Le Mans races,The all-electric Formula E race Electric Formula E  series is set to make some generation  high-profile moves this season.  electric racing is gaining more and more credibility as the sport progresses.

Motorsport also reports that individual Electric Formula E  teams were shown “even more radical” versions of the concept,To keep the vehicles at the center concept  of it all progressing as well, generation  Spark Racing Technologies has unveiled its plans for next season’s official Formula E cars.

Still, we can expect to Electric Formula E  see the vehicles sporting logos from Mercedes-Benz and generation BMW, Faraday Future, concept  Electric Formula Eothers when they roll   out in the 2018-2019 season.so the final look may get a few more tweaks before hitting the track.