Reporters were split into two Nintendo’s  teams, and we were led by two Nintendo developers who worked on 1-2 Switch.To that end, Nintendo announced  mini-games a new mode for the New York game, Team Battle, which lets large groups of people pick sides and go head-to-head.

The catch? You have to do Nintendo’s  exactly what the female announcer New York says,We were also introduced to a new mini-game, Signal Flag, which has you follow an announcer to mimic flight control arm gestures.  but also do the exact opposite of  mini-games what the male announcer tells you.

And that’s a theme I noticed throughout plenty of the mini-games. Signal Flag isn’t something I’d see myself playing with just one or two friends, Nintendo’s  but it’s New York lot of fun with a bigger group. Fake Draw is a slight twist on 1-2 Switch’s other shooting mini-game,

And for fans of Wii Boxing, there’s  mini-games Boxing Gym, which has you swinging boxing moves on command.except this time you have to avoid New York  Nintendo’s  shooting when the announcer shouting other words that rhyme with Nintendo’s   “fire.”  It’s fun, but not nearly as visceral as pummeling your friends’ adorable cartoon faces on the Wii, though.